Hull e-State Planner Demonstration

Hull e-State Planner Demonstration

Welcome to the Hull e-State Planner Demo!

The Demo allows you to try out one of the planning scenarios for Michael Sample, a fictitious client.

Michael’s biographical data, family tree and assets have been entered into Hull e-State Planner.

You are now able to construct a Will Plan for Michael in the scenario where his spouse, Suzette survives him.

Instructions for use

You will note Michael’s Assets are on the left side of the screen.

There are 3 Blue Planning Ribbons corresponding to Planning Sections – “Joint Assets and Designated Assets”, “Initial Gifts” and “Balance of The Estate”.

Open any of the Planning Sections by clicking on the Blue Ribbon

You can drag Assets from the left side of the page and drop them into the appropriate Planning Section.

Assume that the Home is jointly held – drag and drop it into the box under “Joint Assets and Designated Assets”.

Show a legacy by opening up the “Initial Gifts” Section (click on the blue ribbon).  Select either an absolute gift or a trust gift by clicking on one of the boxes marked “Absolute Legacy” or “Trust Legacy”.

You can create a bequest of a specific asset by dropping the asset into the Legacy Controller Box and double clicking where indicated.


You can create a legacy of cash by double clicking where indicated.

Select “Individual Gift” for one or more legacies to specific people.

You can create the terms of the gifts using the build-in checklists (Dialogue Box) that pop up when the Controller Box is double clicked.

Demo Video

Check out our demo video below to show you how to create and display residue gifts and other features.