Hull e-State Planner™ is an interactive Will planning application for Estate Planners. Using a structured, visual approach, Advisors can guide their clients through the Will planning process.
Gathering clients’ biographical and asset information is streamlined with a secure, web-based questionnaire that clients can access at any time.

Created by certified estate law specialists, Ian Hull and Jordan Atin, Hull e-State Planner™ can assist all estate planners with comprehensive checklists, tax and probate planning calculations and extensive graphic and text summaries.

With no software to install, Hull e-State Planner™ works on any computer or tablet anywhere with internet access. Client data is kept safe and secure through top-level encryption and is stored in Canada.

Be Better

Will planning is getting more complex every day.   Hull e-State Planner™, is a modern, efficient platform for enhancing estate planning discussions.

Value For Your Clients

  • Easy and efficient gathering of biographical and asset information through a secure, online portal.
  • A simplified, straight forward structure for planning their will developed by leading estate experts.
  • Real time calculations of estate values and income tax and probate tax implications.
  • A visual, graphic summary of their will plan.

Value For Advisors

  • Improve your will planning meetings by making them visual, interactive and understandable.
  • Value-added graphic summaries for clients.
  • An efficient information gathering process, reducing the Advisor’s workload.
  • Built in comprehensive checklists to ensure important decisions are not missed.
  • A simplified and comprehensive model for will planning.
  • A defensible record of the client’s information, instructions and notes.

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