Hull e-State Planner™ is an interactive Will Planning Tool for lawyers to help advise their clients and confirm instructions using a visual approach.

Simply login into the web-based application on your computer or Ipad.

Your client’s biographical and asset information can be easily entered so that it is available to help fashion a will plan tailored to your client.

Then the interactive will planning can begin. Hull e-State Planner™ is the first software to incorporate the lawyer-directed “Atin Model”™ for developing will plans. Simple to understand, yet extremely comprehensive, it ensures that the client and the lawyer are, literally, on the same page.

Meeting at a client’s home or hospital? Hull e-State Planner™ is accessible everywhere. Client data is kept safe and secure through top-level encryption and stored in Canada.

Be Better

Will planning is getting more complex every day. Hull e-State Planner™ can help you improve your practice:

Value For Your Clients

  • An easy to understand representation of their wishes.
  • Interactive nature of meetings.
  • Understanding the complexities involved and why there is no such thing as a “simple will.

Value For Lawyers

  • Built in comprehensive checklists to ensure important information is not unintentionally missed.
  • A simplified, yet comprehensive model for will planning.
  • A defensible record of the client’s information, instructions and notes.

Start Saving Time Now

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